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Some Interesting Facts / Stories
Some Interesting Facts / Stories
The Ponnattu Family Tree

St.Thomas converted four Brahmin families of Kodungalloor to Christianity – Pakalomattom, Shankarapuri, Kalli and Kaliankal. (Some people have argued that there were no Brahmins in Kerala in those days. Whether it is true or not, these were some of the prominent families of Kodungalloor, educated and probably associated with centres of learning and religious worship) Kaimals (apparently of the Ksatria persuasion) created troubles for these converted families, which was the reason why the Pakalomattom family (and preferably the other Christian families as well) fled Kodungalloor.

Actually the Pakalomattom family was not from Kodungalloor, but from a nearby village called Palayoor, presently known as Chavakkadu. Apparently the Kaimals caursed (Shapichu) this family causing them to flee, and this is how palayoor became Chavakkadu (Shapa-Kadu).

After fleeing south from Kodungalloor (more correctly, chavakkadu) the Pakalomattom family stayed briefly (probably a few years) in several places in the Arabian Sea cost, such as Paravoor, Pallipuram, Thekkan Pallippuram, Gokkamangalam etc. before arriving in Kuravilangadu.Apparently the lived near a Kali Kovil (Kali Temple) which exists even today.

St. Thomas founded 7-1/2 Churches, of which the Palayoor church was the first. This was really the Palayoor temple, or Pakalomattom family temple, converted to a church. The other 6-1/2 churches are: Kodungalloor, Paravoor, Gokkamangalam, Niranam, Nilakkal, Kollam and Thiruvancodu. (I am not sure which of this is half, or why is it half.)